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Steve Ham Plastics

Product Design and Process Technologist

Who is Steve Ham?

    An active contributor since entering the plastics industry in 1973, when the Structural Foam process was just emerging. He has focused his energy toward growth and improvement of the structural plastics industry and its markets and technologies.

  • Twenty four years in marketing, engineering and operations management with a leading custom molder, Cashiers Plastic/ Consolidated Metco.

  • In 1997 formed a technical consultancy to a customer list numbering over sixty.

  • Author of chapter "Assisted Injection Molding" in Charlie Harpers "Handbook of Plastic Processes" published by Wiley in 2006, an SPE publication.

  • Author of the chapter on Structural Foam in Irv Rubin's "Handbook of Plastics Materials and Technology" published by Wiley and sons.

  • Instructor of seminars on structural plastics.

  • Frequent contributor of technical papers for SPI and SPE Conferences, Technical Program Chairman and Board Member for both organizations. 1994 recipient of Structural Plastics Recognition Award.

  • Trained practitioner of such techniques as Total Quality Management, Dimensional Selling, Value Analysis, and Marketing Fundamentals in addition to a Bachelor of Science from Western Carolina University.

  • 2009 inductee to the SPI's Plastics Pioneers.

  • 2012- Formed H2, a partnership with James Hendry to focus on EGM and Thermal Mold Cycling.

    Product Development
    Marketing Plan/Sales Implementation
    Structural Plastics Process Enhancement
    Seminars and Workshops on Various Structural Plastics Technologies


  • Structural Plastic and Continuous Improvement

  Production programs which suffer from problems will effect timing and degree of profit. Problem identification is essential in determining the cost and timing for various remedies. Good decisions can only be made from correct information.

   Experience with literally thousands of applications along with industry recognition for technical innovation and leadership provides the basis for expert testimony when litigation or deposition becomes the final remedy to a design/production problem.

    Even a successful production program can benefit from Continuous Improvement and Value Analysis. The industry is constantly introducing new technology which can benefit existing programs. Steve Ham Plastics can identify potential cost reduction opportunities by facilitating staff understanding of the latest technologies available from the plastics industry.


Product Application Development:

Process Optimization 
Resin Selection
Third Party Input 
Staff Training In-House
Networking Resources
Design, Engineering 

 OEM's often need immediate expertise in technical areas which is beyond that expected at staff level. Early input of process and resin selection is vital to early product profit and maximum market life cycle. While free advice is readily available from resin suppliers, mold makers, and molders, the input from and independent third party is more credible.

Steve Ham Plastics has the experience to provide immediate structural plastic solutions for tier one and tier two suppliers who may be more focused on their own products and technologies. Avoid an expensive learning curve by employing this expertise to your benefit. 



Market Planning:

Marketing Plan Development 
Sales Implementation 
Market Research
Custom Molder Oriented 
Niche Positioning, Geographical Reach 
Customer Service

    Profitability for a company is a measurable result of its marketing plan. Over twenty years of experience in the structural plastics industry is available to custom molders and others. All phases of a marketing plan can be developed to maximize the profit potential of the molder's capacity. Dimensional selling techniques provide a skilled sales force of direct sales people, manufacturers' reps, or a combination of the two.

    Market specialization is the key to success for most molders. Steve Ham Plastics will help identify these opportunities. Understanding niche market share strategy is vital for tomorrow's successful marketer. You can put it to work today.

Some of Our Customers:

National Renewable Energy Laboratory; University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee-Center for Continuing Engineering Education; Society of Manufacturing Engineers; TechTrax,; Thomson Plastics; Peppin Associates; Remcon Plastics; Glenn Beall Plastics Ltd.; The Plastics Show Seminars Ltd.; California Dream Wing, Inc.; Headrick Building Products; Turbo Wheel Chairs; Club Car; Outboard Marine Corporation; Bemis Contract Group; Plastics Research Corp.; Consolidated  Metco, Inc.; Davis Furniture Co.; McKesson APS; Cinpres Gas Injection, Inc.; Pre-Production Plastics, Inc; California Energy Commission; Florida Custom Mold; Arkay Plastics- Alabama; United Southern Industries; Marconi Communications; ThermaSys Corporation; Polymer Center of Excellence; Bernhardt Design; Barrett Outdoor Products.

Contact Information

Steve Ham

537 Hickory Street

Highlands NC 28741

828 526 0598